How long will a pallet of kiln dried hardwood last?

This is usually the first question we are asked. It is also impossible to answer as there are so many factors involved such as – Age of house? How well is it insulated? Stove or Open Fire? Is the Stove/ Fire the only source of heat? Do you keep fire lighting all day?……. the list goes on.

In short our repeat customers buy on average 2 – 4 pallets of firewood per winter season

What is the moisture content of the Firewood?


All our Kiln Dried Hard wood is Guaranteed under 15%

Why Kiln Dried Firewood?

Using Kiln’s to dry the firewood ensures all the logs are getting equal heat thus ensuring every log in our pallets are under 15% moisture. This means far better heat output and clean burning wood

What size are the logs?


All our logs are cut between 20cm and 25cm (8’’ to 10’’) standard size which would fit most stoves.

**Please measure your stove opening BEFORE ordering, if you are in any doubt.

How much wood is in the crate? What is 1m3? What is weight of crate?

Again, a very common question. Put simply, there are approximately 50 bags of logs in each crate. The standard 8x4x1ft car trailer would also be 1m3. We do not sell Firewood by weight, however all our 1m3 pallets weigh approximately 400kgs

How should I store my Firewood?

It is very important that you keep the firewood dry. Ideally it should be stored in a ventilated shed/ garage or at least under a good cover and up off the damp ground.

How is the Pallet Delivered?

This is VERY important question. Your pallet will be delivered by a Truck with a Tail-lift, using a hand driven pallet truck. The truck driver will phone you to inform time of delivery. (we would recommend that someone be home for this) It is vital that all your contact information and Address (Eircode) are correct. You must ensure there is adequate access to your house. No overhanging branches, no steep inclines or gradients. Please note the hand pallet truck can NOT travel over Grass, Gravel, kerbs or loose stones. In the event the Driver cannot access your property they may have to leave pallet outside or near your premises. (i.e. Kerb-side delivery).

The driver of truck is NOT obliged to put your pallet into a shed, garage or store house.